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First started in 1978 as a property and casualty agency (insuring houses and cars) in Dallas. Later sold the business in 1986. Was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, that’s me Derrall  V. Craddock.

As a young boy I enjoyed watching the older boys play basketball at the “Big L” park near our home. Some were very good, I was not. One day I made the "Best" player an offer he couldn’t refuse. Told him I would guarantee he would live forever – yes forever -

for a small fee,  (could this have been my first life policy).

Maybe I was born to be in this business.

Came back into the business  August 2001, offering Health Insurance, Medicare Supplement, Dental, Accident and Life.

We have made a career of educating customers about how to best use their insurance plans for maximum benefits. This is still our mission today.  It is hard to lay out your hard earned dollar to find you are not able to use your plan because of high deductibles or improper coverage.

Why do you buy insurance in the first place?  Answer: Just in case some stuff happens!

You can't always see what's coming. The process is designed for ease of use, by providing quotes via email with speed.

------- Our Mission ------

To provide insurance products that can help you get up --- when you have fallen --- . Accident plans have always been a favorite of mine, because living life every day can result in all types of injuries. My brother was bitten by a good size black lab/chow mix which ripped his arm to pieces – the sad part “it was his dog”. A  Zero deductible comes in handy in getting over the pain and embarrassment. We have selected high quality products that can really help you get back up on your feet. Ever wondered what you call a bee sting?  It’s an accident - even if it’s your bee.  And if you break your leg trying to get away – you may need a little cash to get you through.

You are only as valuable as you can serve others – which we continue to do with a smile.

Let us put a smile on your face today – request a quote.

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